The 10 Second Rule…..

I was attending a course yesterday that was helping us to understand children with educational needs in the Classroom. (ELKLAN) The tutors were explaining the importance of giving children time to respond; 10 seconds to answer a question. T…his seems like an easy thing to do right? 10 seconds is nothing? However, when you’re sitting in silence it can seem like forever. It got me thinking. I wonder in life how many of us give others 10 seconds in which to respond? How many of us have ever asked a friend how they are, only, when they don’t answer quickly enough, to launch in with our own experiences of the day? I wonder what would happen if we all applied the 10 second rule in relating with others in life?

About counsellingforhealthwellbeing

I am an integrative counsellor working in the UK. I believe that everyone has the innate power to know what is best for themselves and that by providing a safe facilitative space, people can feel empowered to change.
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